Quote 20 Apr

There is a price to free speech.

The question is – who has to pay for it? The speaker who preaches intolerance? Or the victims of his prejudices?

This election should be about many many things – about Conservative economic mismanagement, about political corruption, about the environment, about the future of oilsands development, about physician intimidation, about health care, about child welfare, about seniors care, about Alberta’s economic future.

But it’s also about what kind of province want to live in – one that celebrates tolerance and cultural diversity, or one that reverses 20 years of work towards social justice.


Alberta Election: The Price of Free Speech | Edmonton Journal

For those times when I am too ineloquent with rage to say what I actually mean. I don’t want to live a society where my ideas make people feel like they have to kill themselves. This is not true of everyone who votes. Soldier on…

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