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There are a lot of examples of big data and analytics that were previously unmanageable that are now becoming reasonable targets, most of which could be considered event-based: device instrumentation, weather data, social media, credit card transactions, crime statistics, traffic data and more. There are also some interesting problems in determining identity and relationships: figuring out who people really are even when they use different versions of their name, and who they are connected to in a variety of different ways that might indicate potential for fraud or other misrepresentation. Scary and big-brotherish to some, but undeniably providing organizations (including governments) with deeper insights into their customers and constituents. If those who complain about governments using this sort of technology “against” them would learn how to use it themselves, the tables might be turned as we gain insight into how well government is providing services to us.

Column 2 : Sal Vella on Technologies for a Smarter Planet at CASCON2011

(Sharing this mostly as a reminder to myself to write more about Sandy’s comments and where I sit on this…)

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