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I’ve never seen any life transformation that didn’t begin with the person in question finally getting tired of their own bullshit.
— Elizabeth Gilbert (via kateoplis)

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Text 24 Aug A moment in movement

Last Saturday, I was riding my bike to Steveston at the south arm of the Fraser River to meet my parents for a few hours on a whale watching boat. This was my third time on the new bike paths lining the north shore of Richmond.

Given its distance from YVR, Vancouver’s international airport, and the absolutely gorgeous weather we were having that day, it was no surprise to hear many jet planes passing overhead to land. Some floatplanes were also taking off from and landing on the water — to and from what I imagine were more local, perhaps more remote or obscure, ports of call.

At one point in the ride, I happened to look over my shoulder to the water on my right. For one brief, precious, fleeting second, the following were all happening:

  • I was being carried by my bike on the bike route, which follows the water line;
  • a plane was traversing in the same direction on North Arm of the Fraser River beside me (coming? going? I don’t recall but I want to say it was going faster) ; and
  • a bee was flying in parallel with us both, about a foot and a half to my right between me and the plane.

All three of us with someplace to go at whatever speed we could muster to get there. I’ll never forget it.

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By denying the existence of a flaw, I denied myself the opportunity to ground myself, to learn to navigate and build and establish a home within myself. On this planet that was never separate from me at all. This planet where I come from, that also comes from me. This planet that has guided me through every loss and revelation: my complicated and botched and beautiful brain. My brain my brain my brain. My brain that sometimes fails me. My brain that designs mercy. My brain that seethes. My brain that yearns for my estranged mother. My brain that steals. My brain that glistens. My brain that comes up with The Best Halloween Costumes Ever. My brain that swaggers. My brain that fights, daily, against its inherited mechanics. My brain that blooms. My brain that wanders and imagines and freaks the fuck out. My brain that unravels and lacerates. My brain that conjures. My brain that craves death metal and Neil Diamond. My brain that appreciates sick jokes. My brain that is the teeth in the mouth of my heart. My brain that vibrates with memory and trauma and overload and retreat. My brain that waited for me to acknowledge it for what it apologetically is. My brain that gave itself a voice. My brain that gives and asks for nothing in return. My brain that engines me through hell. My brain that drags me back to bed. My brain that wants only to be my brain. My brain that has shed its shame. My brain that said and fights to keep saying YES.
— The Body Is Not An Apology: Engine : A Yes to Bipolar by Guest Writer Rachel McKibbens. Poet, activist, playwright and essayist Rachel McKibbens is a nine-time National Poetry Slam team member, has appeared on eight NPS final stages, and coached the New York louderARTS poetry slam team to three consecutive final stage appearances, was the 2009 Women of the World Poetry Slam champion and the 2011 National Underground Poetry Slam individual champion. She teaches poetry and creative writing and gives lectures across the country as an advocate for mental illness, gender-equality, and victims of violence and domestic abuse. A poetry fellow for the New York Foundation, she lives with her family in upstate New York, where she teaches poetry and co-curates the monthly reading series Poetry & Pie Night.
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Old school B&W darkroom photography at its finest!

The comparison images reveal the enormous amount of attention that Pablo Inirio, the master darkroom printer who works at Magnum Photos‘ New York headquarters, gives to photos in the darkroom.

The lines and circles reveal the printer’s strategies for dodging and burning the image under the enlarger, with numbers scattered throughout the image to note different exposure times.

Let’s hear it for gorgeous, wonderfully contrast-y OG photos!

Photoshop before photoshop. Lurvely.

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On the uselessness of satellite images in Hong Kong.


On the uselessness of satellite images in Hong Kong.

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They don’t tell you in school
how experience can teach you to heal
in all the wrong ways.
I sabotage myself so well,
bolt myself in
before others can open the doors.
My words are clumsy and awkward.
People regard me like a car accident;
they can’t look away
from something so tragic.
Sometimes I forget how to be human.
I hope on those days,
you’d be willing to wait for me
to resurface.
— Tina TranSomeday I will be better 
(via larmoyante) For the one who waits for me.

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If the place to go for a walk and see people in a city is the mall, it is a sick city. In the best cities like Manhattan, Paris or Madrid, people go to public spaces. A city’s public space should compete with shopping malls on quality and security.

Enrique Peñalosa on public space problems in Latin America

(translated from Spanish)

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If thl ere’s no silver lining, give it a party hat!

The sun is out today. Good, because there is no way I’m riding my bike in the rain two days in a row. Everything still stinks too much.


If thl ere’s no silver lining, give it a party hat!

The sun is out today. Good, because there is no way I’m riding my bike in the rain two days in a row. Everything still stinks too much.

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